City Council Ordinances 2018 All Archives

2018-10 2018-10
Zoning Map Amendment (Zm 2016-04) to change the Zoning District From “C-1/Retail Business District” To “Sp-Shores At Marina” For A + 1.43 Acre Project Site Located At 3125 De Forest Road (Apn 032-171-018)
2018-09 2018-09
Allow Cannabis Business Activity and Establish Taxes and Fees for such businesses within the City of Marina, Amending Title and Chapter establishing Cannabis Business Activities as a use allowed subject to a use permit in specified zones and establishing uses to protect public health, safety & welfare
2018-08 2018-08
Transient Occupancy Tax - Citizen Initiative
2018-07 2018-07
Marina Heights Second Amendment to Development Agreement with Cypress Marina Heights
2018-06 2018-06
Marina Sales Tax Measure - Citizens Initiative
2018-02 2018-02
2018-05 2018-05
Marina Heights Amendment to Development Agreement
2018-04 2018-04
Downtown Moratorium
2018-03 2018-03
Fee Study
2018-01 2018-01
PEG Fees Urgency Ordinance