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This site is created to help us through these challenging times. We hope to provide resources that will keep you happy, healthy and engaged. The city has created a page full of information on food distribution locations to keep all of you healthy.
We are committed to ensuring that our community has 24/7 access to our recreation services at this time of social distancing.

Week of Sept. 14 Through Sept. 20

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Health & Fitness

Monday (9-14): How to Do the Double Dutch
Tuesday (9-15): Sesame Street Staying Healthy Coloring Pages
Wednesday (9-16): Doctors answer COVID-19 gym questions
Thursday (9-17): Suicide Prevention Community Training, Registration Required (4:00-6pm)
Friday (9-18): How To Make Homemade Punching Bag ( For Boxing At Home )
Saturday (9-19): Top 10 Bike Safety Rules for Kids | Safe On Wheels
Sunday (9-20): The Ultimate DIY Backyard Obstacle Course For Kids

Additional Resources

More Health and Fitness resources can be found on our Health & Fitness page.

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Monday (9-14): Mom's Stuffed Peppers
Tuesday (9-15): September Vegetable Garden
Wednesday (9-16): Yes, You Can Plant Vegetables In September!
Thursday (9-17): The California Garden In November - Winter Garden Preparation & Harvests
Friday (9-18): Cooking for COVIDIOTS
Saturday (9-19): Five Great Snack Ideas for Toddlers
Sunday (9-20): 6 Delicious Pasta Alternatives That Won’t Make You Miss Refined Carbs

Food Distribution Resources

The city has created a page full of information on food distributionlocations to keep all of you healthy.

Additional Resources

More Nutrition resources can be found on our Nutrition page.

Monterey Salinas Transit Usage Training Flyer

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Nature & Virtual Travel

Monday (9-14): 4-H Virtual Horse Farm
Tuesday (9-15): 4-H Virtual Farm Pond Aquaculture
Wednesday (9-16): 4-H Virtual Cattle Farm
Thursday (9-17): 4-H Virtual Dairy Farm
Friday (9-18): 4-H Virtual Poultry Farm
Saturday (9-19): 4-H Virtual Wheat Farm
Sunday (9-20): Dutch Hollow Farm

Additional Resources

For more Nature and Virtual Travel Resources, please see our Nature and Virtual Travel page.

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Monday (9-14): Stay Up-to-Date on City News - Subscribe to notifications from the city of Marina
Tuesday (9-15): Virtual Nerd
Wednesday (9-16): 10 Ways to Increase Your Intrinsic Motivation
Thursday (9-17): 7th Grade Math Vocabulary
Friday (9-18): Math in the Bath
Saturday (9-19): A secret of science: Mistakes boost understanding
Sunday (9-20): Big Bird's Basketball

More Resources

Monterey Free Libraries has an ongoing calendar of events with free virtual gatherings and videos. 

For more information please see our Education and Art Resources page.

* Anti-Racism Resources

More Resources

The Arts Council for Monterey County (Arts4MC) has a long list of special activities. Check it out. 

The Arts Council Santa Cruz County has provided Covid-19 Resources for Artists and Arts Organizations.

Also, please see our Arts & Crafts page.

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Activities & Fun

Monday (9-14): Build Your Own Exploratorium
Tuesday (9-15): Message in a Backpack™ Spending Time Outdoors with Your Child
Wednesday (9-16): Secret Mind of Slime (on PBS at 9 pm)
Thursday (9-17): Curious George Flower Garden
Friday (9-18): Friday Mystery Puzzle
Saturday (9-19): Pepper And Soap Science Experiment For Kids: Easy Diy Activity
Create Your Own Custom Jigsaw Puzzle
Sunday (9-20): Skin Shield - Science Snack Activity

Additional Resources

For more links like this, see our Activities and Fun page.

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Monday (9-14): Start Your Family Research or Browse Genealogy Resources
Tuesday (9-15): Ford's Theater Conversations on Creativity, History and Leadership Live
Wednesday (9-16): A Bitesize History of Food in Art
Thursday (9-17): Google Lit Trip: Journeys of Famous Literary Characters
Friday (9-18): How to Live to 100: Lessons from the Blue Zone Island of Ikaria
Saturday (9-19): Table for 1: The Dangers of Dining Alone | Nutrition for Seniors
Sunday (9-20): Eating Well as You Age

More Resources

For more links like the ones above, please see our Seniors resources page. For information on COVID-19 special resources for seniors, please check out the Marina Senior Association website.

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New!: After School Virtual Sports Club

The City of Marina Recreation Department has teamed up with the National Academy of Athletics to offer DROP IN- Virtual After School Sports Club and 5-day virtual sports camps in football, soccer, basketball, baseball, marshal arts, and volleyball. See Details.

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