Code Enforcement


The Building and Code Enforcement Division is responsible for enforcing the provisions of the California Building Standards Code as well as the City of Marina Municipal Code that includes quality of life and neighborhood quality issues such as:

  • Junk, debris, and garbage on private property
  • Illegal or unpermitted signs
  • Illegal or unpermitted construction
  • Illegal garage conversions, additions and structures
  • Miscellaneous zoning violations
  • Illegal or unpermitted fences
  • Weed abatement.
  • Business license enforcement
  • Illegal or unpermitted home-based business
  • RV parking / storage complaints on private property
  • Vector control issues (flies, mosquitoes, etc.)

How to file a service request

If a citizen is concerned about the above on a particular property, please complete a Service Request Form and submit the form to the Code Enforcement Division via at The Building Code Enforcement Service Request Form can also be mailed or dropped off at:

Community Economic Development Department
ATTN: Code Enforcement
209 Cypress Avenue
Marina, CA 94303

For general inquiries regarding code enforcement, please contact us via email at or call us during normal business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5PM) by dialing 831-884-1292 (Main Code Line) or 831-884-1220 (General Number)

Parking Enforcement
Citizens can call the non-emergency number (831) 384-7575 anytime and request an officer/CSO to respond. Additionally, parking complaints can be made by calling records at 831-884-1210, during business hours. Lastly, citizens can make parking complaints online. The online complaints go directly to our CSO’s and command staff.

Forms • City of Marina • CivicEngage
Tenant-Related Issues
For tenant related issues, including evictions, rent increases and unlawful detainers all Monterey County residents through a grant funded program, in cooperation with the Superior Court of California and the Mandell-Gisnet Center for Conflict Management offer a free Mediation program designed to serve the community. Please fill out the attached form and email the form to

Mediation Form

Green Waste 

Green Waste Has been providing service to Marina since 2015. Marina customers receive Garbage, Recyclable Materials, and Organics service.  Once collected by GreenWaste, we deliver it to to the MRWMD for processing and/or disposal. Single-family residents in Marina receive weekly curbside collection service of garbage, recyclable materials and organics. All materials must be ready for collection no later than 6:00AM on your normal collection day.

Green Waste Phone:
Customer Service: 831-920-6707
Toll Free: 877-203-8970

Odor Complaint 

If you would like to report a strange odor, please visit:

Administrative Fines for Municipal Code Violations

The goal for the City is to seek voluntary compliance on all code enforcement matters however, fines can be issued to ensure compliance with the Municipal Code. 

The amounts of fines for code violations imposed shall be set forth in the schedule of fines. They are as follows:

  • $100 per violation per day, first violation
  • $200 per violation per day, second violation within one year of the first violation
  • $500 per violation per day, each additional violation within one year of the first violation

This fine must be paid directly to the City of Marina Building Department, even if a hearing is requested.

Payment of the fine shall not excuse or discharge the failure to correct the violation(s) nor shall it bar further enforcement action by the City.

Marina Municipal Code: