City Parks Barracks and Cypress Knolls Buildings Blight Removal

Blight Removal CoverThe goal for this project is for the abatement, proper removal, and disposal of 45 barracks buildings and miscellaneous debris at the proposed City Park located along Second Avenue and 8th Street and 30 buildings and miscellaneous debris at the Cypress Knoll area along Rendova Road and 3rd Avenue for future park and or residential development.  

The work in general is not limited to; installation and maintenance of BMPs from Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan,  abatement, proper removal and disposal of all hazardous materials tree removal and trimming per Tree Removal Permit ( Planning Commission Resolution N0. 2022-04) and, demolition and proper disposal of buildings, roadways, walkways and retaining walls, rough grading and site restoration.



Blight Removal 2022 Approved Schedule

Public Notice 8122022

Project Specifications (03/24/22 Update)

Project Plan Set (03/24/22 Update)

Addendum No. 1 (04/12/22 Update)

Addendum No. 2 (4/21/22 Update)

Addendum No. 3 (4/27/22 Update)

Addendum No. 4 (4/29/22 Update)

Addendum No. 5 (05/06/22 Update)

Addendum No. 6 (05/11/22 Update)

Planning Commission Resolution No. 2022-04, Tree Removal Permit

Appendix B - Photo Log, Trees to Remain (City Park)

Appendix B - Photo Log, Trees to Remain (Cypress Knolls)

Before and After Blight Removal Video