6th Cycle Housing Element Update

December 2023 Housing Element Submittal to HCD
December 2023 Housing Element Cut Sheets

November 2023 Housing Element (Clean Version)
November 2023 Housing Element (Track Changes)
November 2023 Housing Element Cut Sheets

October 2023 Draft Housing Element Resubmittal to HCD

October 2023 Draft Housing Element Resubmittal Green

 Highlights Acknowledgement Letter from HCD, Draft Housing Element

Draft Housing Element was sent to the State on July 31, 2023

City of Marina 2023-2031 Draft Housing Element

Please follow this link to review the complete public draft (15.5MB).

The Draft HE went to the Planning Commission on June 22nd and to the City Council on July 5th. The Council adopted Resolution No. 2023-72 moving the draft forward, with recommended changes, to the CA Housing & Community Development (HCD) Dept. City staff expect to submit the revised draft to HCD in early August. Additional review of HCD's comments and recommendations will go back to the Council in Nov/Dec.

About the Housing Element

The Housing Element is one of the State-mandated components of the City’s General Plan. It provides a framework for the City to accommodate future housing needs, including planning for housing that is suitable for all income levels. The Housing Element has a few main purposes: 

  • To provide an assessment of current and future housing needs for the next eight years.
  • To provide an assessment of constraints to housing and housing production
  • To establish housing goals, policies, and programs that direct housing needs, reduce barriers to development, and ensure compliance with State legislation.

The Housing Element is an eight-year plan and the 6th cycle update of the City of Marina Housing Element is underway and must be certified by the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) by a pre-determined deadline, December 31, 2023.  

The Housing Element includes a strategy for the City to meet its share of the Regional Housing Needs Allocation (RHNA).  HCD determines the total number of new housing units that each region must accommodate during the eight-year planning period. The Association of Monterey Bay Areas Governments (AMBAG) is responsible for initiating discussions with the public and representatives from local jurisdictions to finalize and adopt the methodology to allocate the region’s housing needs among member jurisdictions. Through land use and zoning regulations, Marina must plan for its share of the RHNA, including housing that is affordable to households at all income levels. The City’s RHNA allocation is shown in the table below.

City of Marina 6th Cycle RHNA Allocation

Very Low1



Above Moderate4







1 Very Low Income: Less than 50% of Area Median Income

Low Income: 50-80% of Area Median Income

Moderate Income: 80-120% of Area Median Income

Above Moderate Income: 120% or more of Area Median Income

The Housing Element update will assess how current demands are being met and will plan for projected housing needs over the next eight years. The Housing Element also addresses housing for special needs populations, such as persons with disabilities, very low-income residents, and persons experiencing homelessness. The City’s housing strategy must also reduce any identified barriers to equality and opportunity.  

In addition, the Housing Element update must include the following:

  • Community Needs Assessment: A complete analysis of the specific housing needs and an inventory of the resources and constraints relevant to addressing housing needs
  • Sites Inventory: An inventory of land suitable for residential development that could accommodate the City’s RHNA allocation
  • Constraints Analysis: an evaluation of governmental and nongovernmental barriers to housing production in the City of Marina
  • Goals, Policies, and Programs: Identification of specific policies and actions to implement the Housing Element
  • Other analyses, policies, and goals required to meet community housing needs, and/or comply with applicable State law

Project Timeline

Public Outreach and Workshops – Ongoing

Stakeholder Interviews - Ongoing

Housing Element Sites Inventory – Fall 2022 – Winter 2023

Housing Element Program Development – Fall 2022 – Winter 2023

Prepare Draft Documents (Housing Element) – Winter 2023 – Spring 2023

Public Draft Element Reviews – Spring 2023

Environmental Review – Fall - Winter 2023

Public Hearings – Summer - Fall 2023                                                        




Public Documents

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For additional comments or questions, email Guido Persicone, Community Development Director, at gpersicone@cityofmarina.org.

Upcoming Meetings

Community Workshop #1 (Virtual) –November 9, 2022, 6:30-8:00pm 
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Workshop Flyer (Spanish)
Workshop Presentation

Planning Commission Study Session – November 10, 2022 630-8:00PM
November 10, 2022 Commission Presentation

Community Workshop #2 (Virtual)-March 15, 2023 630-8PM
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Community Meeting Recording
Community Meeting Presentation

Planning Commission Meeting - 6:30pm on Thursday, June 22, 2023. This meeting will be hybrid.

The City of Marina is committed to helping Affirm Fair Housing per Assembly Bill 686 (AB 686). For residents in needs of housing assistance, please contact these partner agencies:


Upcoming Meetings

Planning Commission
June 22, 2023
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