Ways to Participate at the CA Coastal Commission Hearing on Thursday November 17 at 9 a.m.

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The City of Marina can assist any individual or group who wishes to participate in-person, by remote Zoom or by emailing public comment.  Contact us by email: marina@cityofmarina.org. If you want a phone call back, please request this in your email.

Can you be at the meeting IN-PERSON (MOST EFFECTIVE)? There are 2 locations: either in Salinas (main venue) or Marina City Council Chambers.

Step 1:

Notify the City of Marina to indicate if you will be attending the meeting in the Marina City Council Chambers and register at www.coastal.ca.gov. Choose the Thursday, November 17, 2022 hearing date for your comments.

If attending the meeting in the Marina City Council Chambers:

  • Indicate as part of  in the questions that you will be attending on Zoom by computer; and
  • Please identify the person’s name who you will be sharing a device with: Marina Council Chambers

Step 2:

When registration is completed, the CA Coastal Commission (CCC) will send you a confirmation email. It will come from sender CACC “Speaker Meeting information to Coastal Commission”; the text will begin with “Thank you for your submittal”. Save this email, and scroll down to find the Zoom link to be used to enter the meeting.

Step 3:

Prepare a one minute script. Be sure to say you are a resident of Marina and something about yourself and your family. 

Note: If you would like a special photo of your family or other subject matter, please submit this to the Coastal Commission IT staff prior to 5 pm on the Wednesday November 16th.  

Step 4:

On the day of the hearing, go to the Salinas or Marina location. Public comments will likely come in late morning (groups) and in afternoon (individuals). We cannot predict when you will be called to speak. Parking may be a problem in Salinas. Special parking may be arranged by CCC but that is not known at this time. 

When it’s your turn, simply approach the podium, (or unmute yourself if attending from your own computer) and read your one-minute script.

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