Animal Services


Community Service Officers assigned to provide Animal Services perform tasks related to the enforcement of animal control laws within the City.

They have the ability to:

  • Issue verbal warnings and citations
  • Answer calls related to animal complaints
  • Safely capture and impound stray animals
  • Pick up injured, unlicensed animals
  • Arrange for transportation of animals to the City of Salinas Animal Shelter, which provides sheltering services to the City of Marina under contract.

We are not available to handle calls for service related to wildlife. These calls are typically handled by either the Monterey County SPCA or the California Department of Fish and Game.

The Marina Police Department does not rent animal traps.

We Can Help

Our Community Service Officers are committed to promoting humane treatment and responsible care of pets within our City. We are able to provide information regarding local spaying / neutering services and are available by appointment to provide presentations to school children, neighborhood associations, and community groups.