The Beginning

Dating back to (circa) 1868, about 9,000 acres of land stretching north along the Pacific Ocean, and east along the Salinas River, was owned by the late David Jacks and James Bardin.

The land block breakup began in 1885, when the Bardin heirs sold 1,372 ½ acres to John Armstrong for farmland and grazing. About a year later, 1,450 acres were sold, then named the Sand Hill Ranch. Four hundred acres near the ocean were sold to the San Francisco Sand Company, which subsequently constructed a sand plant in 1906. Thus, a third of the large block of land had been parceled out.

In 1913, a land map designated the general area “Bardin,” but this designation was short-lived. Within two years, the area was known as “Locke-Paddon Colonies,” then “Paddonville.”

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