City of Marina Stormwater Management Program

Program Summary

An integral part of making the City of Marina a beautiful place to live, work and visit is the City’s Stormwater Management Program. The title “stormwater management program” is a real misnomer that infers that we should only be concerned about pollution control during a storm event. However, the “Program” is about protecting all water resources, surface, ground water, streams, rivers, creeks and the ocean throughout the year. The Program is an element of all City Departments and agency staff is committed to ensuring city-wide compliance with the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board’s Regional Municipal Stormwater Permit (i.e. The New MS4 Phase II Permit – P2).

The Stormwater Management Program’s primary goal is to protect our most valuable natural resource, which in the City of Marina is groundwater from the degradation caused by pollution (i.e. oil, gas, trash, pesticides, excess fertilizers, pet waste, irrigation runoff and etcetera) left on the ground.

To accomplish this objective, there are six Minimum Control Measures (MCMs) that the City must implement in order to not only protect local water quality, but ensure program compliance.

Stormwater Construction / Development Training Opportunities 2021-2022

Are you a contractor, builder, developer and/or building industry consultant looking for stormwater related training this year? Click the link below for information on Professional Development Hours (PDH), Continuing Educational Units (ECU), and required Construction General Permit certification program opportunities for 2019-2020.