Local Coastal Program Update

Local Coastal Program Update

The City of Marina’s Local Coastal Program (LCP) is in the midst of an update and the City invites all interested parties to participate in this important process.  

The California Coastal Commission certified the City’s existing (LCP) in 1982 and a comprehensive review of the program has not been accomplished to date.  In 2017, the City was awarded an $85,685 grant from the California Coastal Commission to update the LCP, including both the Land Use and Implementation Plans, to address sustainable development, increased opportunities for coastal access and public recreation, vulnerability to climate change and sea level rise, coastal erosion and conservation of coastal resources consistent with the California Coastal Commission’s priorities and the City’s General Plan. 

The LCP update will involve extensive public outreach, updates to both the Land Use and Implementation Plans of the LCP for adoption by the City Council and certification by the California Coastal Commission.

The City welcomes and encourage public participation in the Local Coastal Program update. Please send us and email or letter to let us know comments/questions you would like the City to consider as part of the LCP update process and/or related to potential impacts from anticipated sea water level rise in the future --- for example, items such as potential impacts to properties, transportation corridors, city assets and/or features, impacts to certain neighborhoods, etc. The City plans to complete the updated LCP by Winter 2019.

Comments can also be provided to Christy Hopper, Planning Services Manager, by email at chopper@cityofmarina.org, by phone at 831-884-1238, or sent by regular mail to City of Marina, Community Development Department – Planning Division, 211 Hillcrest Ave., Marina, CA 93933. for more information.


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