Cannabis Permitting

On November 6, 2018, the citizens of the City of Marina passed an Ordinance allowing Cannabis Business Activity and Establishing Taxes and Fees for Such Businesses within the City of Marina, Amending Title and Chapter Establishing Cannabis Business Activities as a Use Allowed Subject to a Use Permit in Specified Zones and Establishing Uses to Protect Public Health, Safety and Welfare. The final tally was 4,351 votes in favor of the Ordinance and 2,130 votes against the passage of the Ordinance.​​​​​​​​​​

The voter initiative establishes Chapter 19 of the City of Marina Municipal Code (MMC), titled the City of Marina Commercial Cannabis Activities ordinance, and makes amendments to MMC Chapter 5 Business Taxes, Licenses and Registrations and Chapter 17 Zoning. Per the voter initiative, these municipal code additions and amendments will take effect on April 1, 2019. As approved by the voters, the ordinance provides the regulatory framework for the Commercial Cannabis Activities program that the City will be implementing.​​​​​​​​ 

On February 5, 2019, the City Council approved a contract with HdL Companies to  assist the City with implementing the Cannabis Activities Ordinance.  HdL has a team of knowledgeable professionals who have direct experience in the implementation of Cannabis Regulatory Programs including developing applications, application rating systems, reviewing applications for compliance with rules and regulations, performing facility inspections conducting compliance and financial audits, and developing application fees to ensure that the City recovers the costs of reviewing materials and conducting hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council.​​​​

Program Implementation 

The City of Marina Commercial Cannabis Program held an open application period for cannabis dispensary businesses between April 8, 2019 and June 7, 2019.    Please note that the Commercial Cannabis Activities ordinance allows for no more than three Medical Cannabis dispensaries and three Adult Cannabis dispensaries in the City of Marina at any one time.  Based on cap of permits that can be issued, a cannabis dispensary business application period will be reopened when determined necessary.  

Currently, the City is not accepting Adult or Medical Cannabis Dispensary permit applications.  Non-dispensary applications may be submitted through the instructions found in the Non-Dispensary Application Procedure Guidelines.  ​​ Under the Cannabis Program Regulations and Procedures section of this web page you will find the Commercial Cannabis Activities Ordinance, Application Procedures and Cannabis Business Fees. Prospective applicants are advised to review each of these documents in preparing to submit their applications.     ​​​

​Current Application Period Timeline

Beginning June 8, 2019, application processing has begun.​​​​ ​​Below is the anticipated schedule for processing cannabis business applications.  Please note that Live Scan applications will need to be submitted to the Marina Police Department by May 24, 2019 in order to ensure processing is complete by the cannabis business application filing deadline of June 7.  Cannabis Zoning Verification Letter requests will need to be submitted to the Planning Department by May 17 to be completed in time. 

April 8 to June 7 - Phase I-  Cannabis application submittal period
June 10 to Jun 14 - Phase II-  Application completeness review
June 17 to June 21 - Applications delivered to HdL
June 24 to July 26 - HdL data entry and staff review 
July 31 - Phase IIIa - HdL preliminary reports and Letters of Incompleteness done
August 1 to August 23 - Supplemental review period for deficient application
August 28 - HdL delivers application reviews and background reports
August 29 to September 6 - City reviews HdL reports and issues pass/fail letters 
September 7 to September 25 - Applicant Amend and Combine Applications  
September 19 - October 4 - Amended and combined application review
October 8 - HdL delivers Final scores to City
October 16 - City issues final ranking letters to applicant
November 15 to TBD - Phase IV Conditional Use Permits process ​                              ​

If you would like ongoing notification of Cannabis Program updates, please go to Notify Me and select Commercial Cannabis Businesses and sign up for automatic alerts.


In accordance with the requirements of Marina Municipal Code 19.08.010.C. that qualified applicants for a Cannabis License identified by the Initial Ranking be allowed to “amend and combine their applications to optimize their scores,” qualified applicants who intend to join with another qualified applicant for the purpose of submitting a combined application will now be allowed to select and combine what they consider to be the best submitted materials from each of the four Selection Criteria upon which each of their respective applications was initially scored.

The Selection Criteria used for evaluation of initial and combined applications are: “Business Plan,” “Local Enterprise & Community Benefits,” “Neighborhood Compatibility,” and “Safety and Security Plan.”

However, in order to be considered as part of a combined application the materials submitted for each Selection Criterion in a combined application must have been a part of that Selection Criterion which was submitted with the initial application of at least one of the joint applicants.

In order that applicants intending to submit a combined application have sufficient time to prepare a combined application, the due date (Wednesday, September 18, 2019) for submission of a combined application for a Cannabis License will be extended until Wednesday, September 25, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. In order to be considered for scoring, any combined application must be “file stamped as received” in the City’s Administration Department at 211 Hillcrest Avenue, MarIna, CA by that date and time.

Initial Scores

​The Retail Cannabis Business Application period closed on June 7, 2019.  

Click here to view a list of the applications received with Initial Scores of the applications

Click here to view the application scores by category

Final Ranking Scores 

The Final Ranking Scores by Category are provided at the link below.  Unfortunately, there was a typo in the document that was posted on October 15, 2019.  That typo included an inaccurate score for RCA 2019-04.  Since there was no Amend and Combine application filed in conjunction with RCA 2019-04, there is no change from the Initial Score. The correct score for this application is the score awarded on the Initial Scores (at the link above), and as noted on the updated Final Ranking Scores by Category at the link below.   

Click here for Final Ranking Scores by Category

In keeping with the provisions of the voter approved ordinance, all eight retail dispensary applications in the Final Ranking will be eligible to apply for a Cannabis Conditional Use Permit based on the Final Ranking Scores.  All applicants will be receiving letters soon after October 16th with instructions on the first steps in the Cannabis Conditional Use Permit process.  All applicants that chose to apply for a Cannabis Conditional Use Permit will be expected to attend a free pre-application conference meeting to orient them to the required application submittals.  This conference meeting will be scheduled in the coming weeks and written notice of the time, day and place will be provided in the letters to be sent to all applicants.  

Applicant Application Packages

Application packages submitted by all applicants are provided at the links below.

Dispensary Applications

Element 7 Marina LLC Cannabis Dispensary Application
Elemental Wellness Marina Dispensary Application 
Design Marketing LLC Dispensary Application
ALL GC, LLC Dispensary Application
Marina GBE 007 Dispensary Application
Higher Level of Care Marina Dispensary Application
JC Marina Ventures LLC Dispensary Application
Marina Trading Company 265 Reservation Rd Dispensary Application
Marina Trading Company 3112 Del Monte Dispensary Application
MCC Operations LLC Dispensary Application
Pacific Roots Marina Dispensary Application
Shryne Group Inc Dispensary Application

Amended and Combined Dispensary Applications

JC Marina Ventures & Marina Trading Company Amend and Combine Application
Pacific Roots Marina LLC Amend and Combine Application
SGI Marina Amend and Combine Application

Non-Dispensary Applications

Element 7 Marina LLC Cannabis Non Dispensary Application 
Gold Pine Non Dispensary Application
JC Marina Ventures LLC Non Dispensary Application

Applicant Correspondence and Materials 

ALLGC, LLC Incomplete Letter
Marina GBE 007 Incomplete Letter
Marina Trading Co 3112 Del Monte Incomplete Letter
Marina Trading Co. 265 Reservation Incomplete Letter
MCC Operations LLC Incomplete Letter
Pacific Roots Marina Incomplete Letter
Shryne Group Inc. Incomplete Letter

ALL GC Revised Initial Score Letter
Design Marketing LLC Initial Score Letter
Element 7 Initial Score Letter
Elemental Beachside Inc Initial Score Letter
Higher Level of Care Marina Initial Score Letter 
JC Marina Ventures LLC Initial Score Letter
Marina GBE 007 LLC Initial Score Letter
Marina Trading Co. 265 Reservation Rd. Initial Score Letter
Marina Trading Co. 3112 Del Monte Initial Score Letter
MCC Operations Initial Score Letter
Pacific Roots Marina LLC Initial Score Letter
Shryne Group Inc Initial Score Letter

ALL GC LLC Final Score Letter
Element 7 Marina Final Score Letter
Higher Level of Care Marina Final Score Letter
JC Marina Ventures Final Score Letter
Marina GBE 007 LLC Final Score Letter
Marina Trading Company 265 Reservation Final Score Letter
Pacific Roots Final Score Letter
SGI Final Score Letter

Questions, Answers and Clarifications

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