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Virtual Recreation Resources

This site is created to help us through these challenging times. We hope to provide resources that will keep you happy, healthy and engaged. The city has created a page full of information on food distribution locations to keep all of you healthy.
We are committed to ensuring that our community has 24/7 access to our recreation services at this time of social distancing.

Week of June 1-7

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Heath & Fitness

Monday: Taking Time to Breathe – Thrively for free
Tuesday: 12 minute workout for men 
Wednesday: 50 Women’s Health Workouts 
Thursday: LGBTQ+ Sharing Circle Online ages 16-24 (email: Every Thursday from 7 to 8.
Friday: Core Power Yoga Workouts Saturday: Family Cardio 
Sunday: PE in Your Living Room

Additional Resources

More Health and Fitness resources can be found in our Health & Fitness page.

Junior Giants at Home Logo

Register now for a Free, 4-week virtual season called Junior Giants at Home. More information here.

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Monday:  How to Spot a Lie 
Tuesday: Plant Growth Experiment
Wednesday: 10 Amazing Science Experiments 
Thursday: 10 Amazing Water Experiments
Friday: Every Friday (11:30 am) Backyard Science with Marilyn (Monterey Co. Free Library on Facebook)
Saturday: Drag Racing Cups 
Sunday: Dear Class of 20-20 (12 pm Live stream event with celebrities)

More Resources

For more information please see our Education and Art Resources page.

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Monday: Water Content in Fruits and Vegetables 
Tuesday: What Goes Where? Recycling in Monterey Co. Wednesday: What’s in Season in Marina?
Thursday: Grilled Lemonade Friday: 24 No-bake summer deserts 
Saturday:  Upcycle Your Food Scraps 
Sunday: Marina Farmers Market 10 am-2pm (preOrder online)

The city has created a page full of information on food distribution locations to keep all of you healthy.

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Arts & Crafts

Monday: Create A Pair of Binoculars Tuesday: Scratch off Coloring
Wednesday: Make an Animation Flip Book
Thursday: Your Own Lava Lamp 
Friday: 3 Ways to Make Paper Flowers
Saturday: 20 Easy Quarantine Crafts to Do at Home
Sunday: Make a Calm Down Jar

More Resources

The Arts Council for Monterey County (Arts4MC) has a long list of special activities. Check it out. Also, please see our Education and Arts resources page.

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Activities & Fun

Monday: SPCA of Monterey June Animal Camp 
Tuesday: Spoon Race 
Wednesday: How to Start a Garden 
Thursday: 20 Creative Activities For Kids To Do At Home 
Friday: Graduation Virtual Dance Party (5th Grade Promotion) June 5, 7 to 8 p.m. / LAMS Class of 2020 Virtual Dance Party 8 p.m. (See Flyers below for info)
Saturday: Bubble Art 
Sunday: 5 Get Off the Couch Family Games

Health & Fitness

You’ll find resources for children, teens, adults and kids of all ages on our health and fitness page.

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Monday: Seniors Floor Aerobics 
Tuesday: Brain Teasers 
Wednesday: The Best Websites for playing Senior Games 
Thursday: Popsicle Stick Flower Craft 
Friday: Senior Foundation Coffee Connection on Zoom (Every Friday at 10 am) 
Saturday: Yoga Aerobics 
Sunday: 25 Easy Recipes for Senior Nutrition            

More Resources

For information on COVID-19 special resources for seniors, please check out the Marina Senior Association website.

Great Plates Delivered

If you’re interested in participating in the program initiated by Gov. Gavin Newsom, use this form to access the screening tool.

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The City of Marina Recreation Department has teamed up with the National Academy of Athletics to offer 5-day virtual sports camps in football, soccer, basketball, baseball, marshal arts, and volleyball. See Details.

5th Grade Promotion Virtual Dance Flyer Opens in new window

Friday June 5, 7 to 8 p.m. Graduation Virtual Dance Party (5th Grade Promotion). Login link:

LAMS Graduation Virtual Party Flyer Opens in new window

Friday June 5, 8 pm LAMS Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation Party. Login Link:

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