How do I get my vehicle back after it has been abated?
To recover an abated vehicle from a tow agency, you must first acquire a vehicle release from the Marina Police department. The requirements for obtaining a vehicle release are:
  • The vehicle registration must be current
  • If the registration is not current, a moving permit must be obtained from the Department of Motor Vehicles prior to requesting a vehicle release
The vehicle will only be released to the registered owner. The registered owner must posses a valid driver’s license or identification card. If the register owner does not possess a valid driver’s license, he/she must be accompanied by a licensed driver.

There is a $65 vehicle release fee. The fee must be paid in cash. This is a departmental fee and does not require any fees you will be required to pay the towing agency.

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1. How do I get my vehicle back after it has been abated?
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