Imjin Parkway Widening Project

(UPDATE) The New Project Website is LIVE:

Bid Opening Results, 1/31/23

Bid Tabulation, 1/31/23

Pre-Bid Meeting Attendance Log

Project Specifications (Bid Set)

Project Plan Set (Bid Set)

City of Marina Quality Assurance Program (QAP)

The City of Marina is constructing improvements along the Imjin Parkway corridor, from Imjin Road to Reservation Road (approximately 1.7 miles). Improvements include expanding the existing roadway to 4 lanes, constructing 4 new roundabouts, and modifying the existing signal at the Reservation/Imjin intersection. Project amenities include class 2 bike lanes, a multi-use pathway, crosswalk beacons, storm-water improvements, street lighting, artwork and landscaping.

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