Dog License

Chapter 6 of the Municipal Code includes the rules and regulations for licensing your dog. All dogs four (4) months of age and residing within the City limits must have current rabies vaccination and be licensed.


You may license your dog in person at the Police Department across the parking lot of City Hall or you may mail in the completed Dog License Data Form with copies of the Rabies Certification and the Spay / Neuter Certificate, if applicable, and payment to:

Police Department
211 Hillcrest Avenue
Marina, CA 93933
(831) 884-1210

At this time, we accept cash or check only, but please do not mail cash.


If your dog is spayed or neutered and the documentation is provided, the license fee is $12. If your dog is unaltered, the license fee is $24. There is no prorating of the license fee if your dog is licensed for less than 12 months. License fees are not refundable.

All licenses are due on the first day of May each year and expire on April 30th of the next year.