Assembly Bill 1483

In accordance with Assembly Bill (AB) 1483, the below information is provided for transparency for residential development regulations and costs.

Residential Development Fee Schedule 

Master Fee Schedule 

Development Impact Fees

Annual Impact Fee Reports







2022 Development Impact Fee Report

Affordability Requirement

The City of Marina requires 20% of residential units be reserved for lower income households when developing twenty (20) or more units Per Section 17.48 of the Marina Municipal Code:

Zoning Map

All properties within the City of Marina have an assigned zoning district: (Disclaimer: The Marina Zoning Map is being updated - Contact the Planning Services Division at 831-884-1220 to confirm the zoning of a particular parcel):

The zoning ordinance, development standards, and design guidelines for properties within the City of Marina can be found within the links below:

Zoning Ordinance:

Citywide Design Standards and Guidelines:

General Plan:

New development projects are required to submit a Planning Application with all required submittal materials, which can be accessed through the links below: 

Planning Application:

Application Checklists:

Questions and comments can be directed to the City of Marina Planning Dept. at (831) 884-1224 or