Vehicle Abatement


Officers assigned to perform vehicle abatement duties do so under authority provided under the California Vehicle Code and the Marina Municipal Code.

They are authorized to investigate complaints involving vehicle abatement and to take appropriate action within the regulated time period. This includes the removal of abandoned or inoperable vehicles from public property and issuance of citations when appropriate.

They also work with the Monterey County Vehicle Abatement Authority for reimbursement of costs associated with removal of abandoned or inoperable vehicles.

The Marina Police Department does not handle concerns related to abandoned or inoperable vehicles on private property. For such vehicles that are located on your own private property, you may choose to contact a tow company of your choice to have the vehicle removed as provided for under the California Vehicle Code. If you wish to report such vehicles on someone else’s private property, please contact the City’s Code Enforcement Unit at (831) 884-1242.

Reporting Vehicles For Abatement

If you wish to report an abandoned or inoperable vehicle on public property for abatement, you may complete our online abandoned vehicle report form, or you can call the Marina Police Department's Non-Emergency Line at (831) 384-7575 for assistance.