Police Department Fee Schedule



Our agency does not release reports to anyone not listed on the report. We do not release any reports where juveniles are involved. We do not release arrest reports to the suspects in the case.

30-day Impound Review

Notice is given to the registered owner, upon request, for the purpose of an administrative review

Fee Schedule

Type Amount
Police reports $0.20 / page
Police Video/DVD/Audio Copy $10.00 per disk
Citation correction $20.00
Clearance letter $25.00
Police Background Check $70.00
Vehicle release - Non-Impounded Vehicles $105.00
Vehicle release - Impounded Vehicles $175.00
VIN verification $40.00
Bingo Permit Fees $80.00/permit +DOJ Fees
Cardroom Permits  
- Business $270.00/permit + DOJ Fees
- New Employee $100.00/permit per year + DOJ Fees
- Renewal Employee $100.00/permit(No DOJ Fee)